Agility Build confidence, stamina, coordination, and a positive attitude

Agility is a perennial favorite among dog enthusiasts.  In this sport, you and your dog learn to negotiate a numbered course of obstacles including jumps, A-frame, tunnels, weaves, and so forth.  This is a great team sport, with the team being you and your dog.  You learn to provide good cues with your motion, voice, shoulders, eyes, speed, and direction so your dog knows where you want him to go next on the course.  What fun it is when it all comes together, and you and your dog flow seamlessly through the course.

Agility classes are offered in three levels:

  • Puppy and Beginner – You and your dog will be introduced to the agility equipment in a positive and fun manner, with safety our highest priority. We'll begin slow and low building upon each success, and introducing short sequences with lots of positive reinforcement for trying new things. Classes include Intro to Agility I and II, and two classes especially for puppies.
  • Intermediate – Develop your off-leash skills and gain confidence and control on the equipment. You'll begin adding distance, handling skills, and obstacle discrimination to your abilities, and practice more challenging sequences
  • Advanced – Whether you're working on competition skills or just for fun, our instructors will help you better strategize your runs and fine tune your handling skills -- all the things required for a fast, clean run!

Agility builds confidence, stamina, coordination, and a positive attitude in all our dog teams whether they are beginners or advanced.  This is a sport that you can do just for the fun of it or you can enter the world of agility competition.  K9JYM welcomes all!