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Ready, Set, Sniff! New Nosework classes starting soon!

Sarah Woodruff

Sarah Woodruff is joining K9JYM's training team as our new Nosework instructor. Sarah is a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) through the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW™). She also hosts trials and workshops in the Northeastern PA area through her own business Paws n’ Sniff. Sarah is an NACSW™ORT Judge, ORT Certifying Official, and a trial Certifying Official.

Sarah and her rescue dog, Angie, started their nose work adventures in 2011. After dabbling in a number of activities including Tricks, Rally and Agility, Sarah learned that Angie’s most favorite activity was usingher nose. Sarah enrolled in the 2011 PA nose work camp to learn as much as she could about K9 Nose Work® to bring the information back to her friends. After that first camp experience, Sarah started a practice group in the Lehigh Valley area and has been teaching classes ever since. Sarah’s favorite part of teaching K9 Nose Work® is seeing the genuine joy the handlers get by spending time with and learning from their dogs.

Sarah and Angie have successfully achieved NW1, NW2, NW3-Elite, ELT-1, ELT-2 and are still competing in the Elite division and Element Specialty trials. Sarah has also started trialing with Fiona, who has earned her NW1 title.

Sarah's first classes are Nosework Elements (first class for those new to nosework), Intro to Nosework, and Nosework III.  For descriptions, times, and registration, click here.  Don't delay -- classes begin May 12th!

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Class Name Changes

Class Names May Be Changing!new

If you can't find your favorite class, don't worry. It may be just a change of name. K9JYM is simplifying the names so all classes that are the same will have the same name regardless of instructor. We'll keep posting the old name right after the new one for a while to help you find the classes. We hope the new names will make signing up easier for everyone.

Example: Puppy & Dog Manners (Old Beginner Dog Training): Mo 4/24/17

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“It’s All About P.A.T.H.” Agility Seminar with Mary Lou Hanlon

Mary Lou Hanlon WKCAgility Westminster Victory Lap for facebook“It’s All About P.A.T.H.” Agility Seminar with Mary Lou Hanlon
Precise, Accurate, Tactical Handling

June 3rd & 4th at K9JYM - Colmar, PA

Hosted by Rebecca Fouts; Access Canine Solutions – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 JUNE 3rd, 2017 – Saturday from 9am to 5pm
One Hour PRIVATE LESSONS w/ Mary Lou Available!
6 Private Lessons Available

Work one-one-one with Mary Lou for a full hour in K9JYM's beautiful, 100x100 ft., climate-controlled agility ring! Use the whole hour yourself, or share with a friend. Lesson = $155

 Priority scheduling will go to those who also sign-up for a Sunday working spot.

Sign-up for a private lesson AND a working spot at the seminar - and SAVE!

JUNE 4th, 2017 – Sunday from 9am to 5pm
“It’s All About P.A.T.H.” Agility Seminar
12 Working Spots ~ Limited Auditing Spots

Learn how to determine and execute the most efficient path for your dog.

 Present four teams an agility course and see it ran six different ways. And today, placement can come down to 1/100th of a second – so every step counts. Determining the most efficient P.A.T.H. for you and your dog can make all the difference!

 Using Mary Lou Hanlon’s Precise, Accurate Tactical Handling techniques, all participants will get the opportunity to join in the discussion on course analysis. Working teams will then get the chance to put their plan into action.

 Since every course offers a new challenge, this is one of those seminars that just gets better when repeated.

 Select items from will be available for sale on Sunday.
Pizza Party for lunch on Sunday – An email for preorders will be sent out.

Topics to Include:

  1. How to maximize the use of your course map
  2. How to see the course thru the eyes of your dog
  3. How to maximize your course walk-thru time
  4. How to choose the best handling maneuvers to negotiate your dog on the most efficient line
  5. What is the best timing to use when performing various handling maneuvers
  6. When course design offers a choice of whether to turn left or right on a jump, what  should you consider

About Mary Lou Hanlon

Mary Lou is known for her enthusiastic approach to teaching her students and their dogs. She believes in breaking skills down for both dog and handler alike in appropriate steps that enhances communication with each team.

 She also revolutionized the training of contacts, whether running or stopped, by creating the “Hit It!” board and “Touch It!”. Select items will be available for sale at the seminar! You can see them at her website at


Complete and mail-in a registration form with enclosed check. A confirmation email will be sent once received.

 Auditors (ONLY) can also register ONLINE with a credit card at: (available March 1st) or

Need a registration form?
Email Rebecca at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Saturday Lessons = $155

  • Email for a lesson time, or we will contact you after receiving your registration.
  • Priority scheduling will go to those who also sign-up for a Working Spot on Sunday.
  • SAVE = Sign-up for both a Private Lesson AND a Working spot = $260

Sunday WORKING Spots = $135

  • Dogs should be 18-mos and up.
  • Exercises will be broken down to accommodate teams appropriately. 
  • Should be capable of JWW courses; skill level of the exercises will be geared towards challenges seen in open/excellent courses. 
  • Trialing is NOT necessary, but the team should be sequencing.
  • Quiet crating nearby in adjacent ring.

Sunday AUDITORS = $45

  • Auditors of ALL levels welcome!
  • Bring your own chair

Checks will be kept and not deposited until April 1st.


Direct ALL QUESTIONS to Rebecca Fouts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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World Cynosport Rally Trial

- JULY 1, 2017 -

WCRL Sanctioned Trials
Levels 1, 2, 3, Veterans & Puppy

This is a titling event under World Cynosport Rally Limited/APDT rules and regulations.
Open to all dogs of any breed and any ability – including mixed breeds and disabled dogs.
Go to for more information.

Host and Location
K9JYM Indoor Dog Sports & Fitness Center
252 Bethlehem Pike
Colmar, PA 18915

Trial Secretary: Sue Hicks
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 215-822-8840

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