Classes & Private Programs - K9JYM has Something for Every Team!

K9JYM offers classes from basic puppy/pet manners to a variety of competition-level sports, to behavior problem solving private work. We welcome human and doggy students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Our professional and knowledgeable instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals - whatever they may be - and are committed to using positive-based training solutions to help students build a strong working relationship with their dogs.  It is our mission as members of the APDT to advocate positive training techniques and uphold mutual respect between Handler & Dog.

Where to Begin - Below is a brief introduction to many of our classes


Dog and handler work together to race through an obstacle course filled with jumps, tunnels, ramps, weave poles, and more. Agility provides a fun way for dogs to get the exercise they need, while building a powerful relationship built on trust and communication. K9JYM offers three levels of agility-- beginner, intermediate, and advanced--suited for basic pet owners or those interested in competition.

Ball herding

A new way to herd—no sheep required! This exciting new sport (also called “Treiball”) builds on a dog’s herding instinct, shaping his behavior one step at a time, until he can round up a whole “herd” of balls.

disc dog

Disc Doggin! There are so many games our dogs can engage with us while using a flying disc! And while not all dogs instinctively understand what they are supposed to do when a disc is tossed, it is rewarding and fun to get their interest, understanding, pleasure, and drive to play with us. High energy dogs often have the speed and athleticism, but not so much the patience, attention, and focus.


Flyball Your dog will race to the finish in the fast and exciting sport known as flyball! Two teams of four dogs race over a set of jumps, release and catch a tennis ball, and then race back to the finish line so the next dog can run. Fabulous fun for the dogs, and has the opportunity for team competition down the road.

Nose Work

Nose Work is a brand-new, scent-based canine sport. Just like dogs trained for drugs or explosives detection, Nose Work expects a dog to hunt for, find, and show the source of hidden odor (essential oils) under various conditions such as in containers and vehicles, indoors and outdoors.


Our Basic Obedience Classes provide a foundation of good manners that allows your dog to live well with the family in your home and to be good citizens outside the home where calm obedience is the key to more freedom. Basic skills include sit, down, stay, come, walk on a loose leash, etc.  Learn to fix common behavior problems or, better yet, help prevent them to begin with. Obedience classes build a bond of communication that you can rely on throughout your dog's life.


Help get your puppy off on the right paw from the start. Our Puppy Basics classes focus on manners, basic obedience, and positive socialization.  Our Puppy Social Hour provides a weekly time for supervised play with other pups in your dog's age group. Your pup develops confidence while also learning impulse control and how to relate to other dogs and people.


Rally is a sport in which dog and handler walk a numbered course with obedience commands for your dog to perform at each numbered spot. Commands range from easier to more advanced as your dog learns the sport (ex: sit, stay, come front, 90-degree right turn). Rally encourages lots of positive interaction and praise for your dog, while also building useful obedience skills.

show handling

You and your show dog learn together how to get the most out of your presentation before the judge. Ann Sullivan has years of experience teaching the techniques for bringing the judges' attention your way! Regardless of what breed you have, the skills for showing the best side of your dog and building the handler’s confidence, grace, and poise in the show ring are the same.

Weight Pull

Learn the basics about teaching your dog how to safely drag weight (also known as weight-pulling). Not only is weight pulling a great way to burn off excess energy, build stronger muscles and greater endurance, but it can build confidence and trust between you and your dog.

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