AGILITY - The Ultimate TEAM sport between Handler & Dog

Agility Jumping

Agility is a FUN, strategy filled, and rather complicated TEAMWORK sport built on trust & communication between dog and handler.


  • appropriate for ALL dogs 5 MONTHS (20 weeks) AND OLDER (Health pernittiing)!
  • where ALL the groundwork is laid for learning the game INCLUDING:
    1. teaching the handler the objectives for the game
    2. teaching the dogs how to safely and confidently use all the various pieces of agility equipment (no full height contact equipment and jump bars on the ground)
    3. conditioning the dog the most FUN and IMPORTANT thing on the course is YOU!! THIS BUILDS committment -- staying with their person on very short agility courses!

Our goal is teaching the sport as a fun game for both handler & dog. In these first 7 weeks, the exercises are designed to condition handler & dog to work together as a team.

This is how we get the leashes off! The COOL part is: this conditioning process works WELL! Tires and Tunnels are the first dropped leash challenge, Eventually we drop the leash while the dog and handler go past the jump standards. By the 5th or 6th week MOST dogs understand and committ to following their person thru a course of up to 10 obstacles!

ALL TEAMS begin their education with INTRO TO AGILITY, group classes; or JUMP START, which is an individual/custom instruction option.

With repetition, praise, and lots of Fun, we slowly add greater challenges, using the differing pieces of equipment (jump standards, tables, tires, and tunnels) in ways which build confidence and understanding in both the handler and the dog/pup together as a team.


Teams can expect to achieve these obectives in 7 weeks:

  • Short agility course sequences with jump standards (winged and non winged)with bars on the ground, tables, tires, tunnels, low A-frame, and narrow low planks (low dog walk)
  • Body awareness skills for both dogs and handlers - dogs pivot on a block/step thru spaces in a ladder - handlers do side changes & turns, being ever aware of their team mate's location to them
  • In the final weeks of the class, some jumping exercises are introduced - once jump bars are up, the leashes come off! The first test of dog's commitment to their Handler and Team Mate!


  • While there is NO formal prerequisite, it is HELPFUL if your dog already has started learning basic manners concepts; including sit, down, loose leash behavior & wait until released, but this is NOT an absolute requirement!
  • If a team is having great difficulty with building understanding by the 3rd week, it may be helpful to switch the team into 3 private lessons (the instructor's discretion)


  • LOTS of small(pea sized), soft TREATS! - Preferably Light in color: easy to see on the dark floor! Mozzarella Cheese sticks work well for MOST dogs!
  • Flat Buckle Collar, Plain Martingale Collar, or Plain Harness - PLEASE no choker style, prong/pinch collars, or head halters
  • 4-6 ft leash with nothing hanging on it
  • You -- with LOTS of Smiles, Patience, AND Praise --- Think FUN, Discovery, and Exploration for both you and your pup <3


Intro to Agility


In Intro to Agility you and your dog/pup are introduced to the agility equipment using fun and positive training techniques, with safety our highest priority. We'll begin slow and low - building upon each success, with lots of positive reinforcement for trying new things. Obstacle Courses will be VERY short with small challenges added slowly to build confidence, and repetitively condition responses to build  the dog's focus and attentiveness to the handler. It has to be FUN!

Designed to build confidence and have FUN exploring new things with YOU! Introducing dogs/pups to odd (to them!) pieces of agility equipment where they learn mastering different situations with calm and skill, conditioning the dog/pup to trust and look forward to the GREAT learning games you have to play with them!. Focuses on the basics of agility appropriate for growing joints and bones.The hour is broken into time spent discovering and learning new obstacles, while using the natural desire to run and chase with time spent practicing short, easy obstacle combinations, conditioning the drive and desire to follow the handler around, focus their attention, and develop self control and motivation!


Jump Start Program


Open to any Team who prefers individual instruction in this sport.

In lieu of regular group (7 weeks) classes, this option offers great flexibilty with scheduling, progressing, or special needs for either dog or handler.

In four one-hour blocks of individual instruction, teams can progress as quickly or quicker than group classes. With evaluation at the end of the four meetings, most teams are prepared to enter group classes, or you may choose to continue in the Jump Start Program. Observe what serves your TEAM best in going forward and what BEST serves your needs!



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