Foundations in Agility

This is a skill acquisition class! Teams repeat this class until their dogs have confidence & comfort with Agility's 3 more challenging obstacles, while handlers refine their communication while moving through gradually longer agility courses. This is a beginners/advanced beginners level class. Teams which have tried it, gotten their start (introduction classes or exploring on your own) and are ready to refine and continue their education!

  • The Teeter. This class presents many games to build your dog's confidence, understanding, and comfort for making things tip and move beneath their feet.
  • The Weave Poles. This class presents many games to help the dog understand how to focus on the poles, finding the correct way to enter, move through, and drive forward to trigger their handler to toss a treat. The games are designed to get the dog to do the poles without the handler standing over the dog to 'weave them' thru. This is called obstacle independence. It is the same concept as when the dog understands the tunnel:  they go thru it, even tho the handler does not.
  • The Dog Walk. Just like people, some dogs are not comfortable being up high on a narrow beam. Building confidence and comfort thru fun and gradual games is how we motivate the pups to feel good about it.
  • Handlers will be learning the skills for navigating longer courses with more complex handling.  Additionally, the skills learned in Intro to Agility will be refined and further conditioned, such as focus and off leash responsibility from the dog



  • Agility Tab: a short strip (4 to 8 inches) of leash material with knotted end. it provides an easy handle for grabbing an off leash dog - K9JYM has quality crafted leather tabs by ON LEAD available
  • Lots of tasty small (pea sized) soft treats. Cheese is suggested for training the weave poles as the food gets tossed. Having a light color makes it easy for the dogs to spot on the blue floor!
  • If a team uses a toy well to give value in training, bring it along



  • Intro to Agility- OR - Instructor Approval;  Dogs need to be comfortable with the following agility equipment:  jump standards, tables, tunnels, tires & moving across low planks without stepping off before the end..
  • Full teeter & weave poles are NOT necessary.
  • Dogs MUST be capable of spending time in a CRATE.Once dogs are using the equipment in an off leash environment, safety for all is K9JYM's Highest Priority!
  • Crating also frees the handlers to learn the skills they need for this class, giving the dogs a small break from their handlers to decompress & relax before they are UP next (like time in a DugOut for baseball players)


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