An Exciting Canine Spball herding aussieort - Cross between Herding and Soccer developed in Germany!


A new way to herd—no sheep required. This exciting ball herding sport (also called “Treibball”) develops herding style skills. Many simple games shape the skills, one step at a time, until the whole herding/soccer like game comes together! An awesome sport for ANY breed, but also a great game for anyone considering putting dogs onto real Livestock! This is a FUN, and thinking game where the dogs do ALL the activity and the Handler plays Goalie/Gatekeeper!

Ball Herding Classes

Intro To Ball Herding


This first level class presents the basics in a fun and exciting seven-week class. Games shape the basic skills for the Ball Herding sport: basic herding cues, pushing objects, orienting to the handler, and learning to move around the ball. HERD those balls with confidence and control!

Ball Herding - Let's Herd!

Ball Herding:  Let's Herd!

With the basics in place, you and your dog will now work with the HERD one ball at a time, while distance increases along with the width of the field and the number of balls. The game starts shaping into the sport of ball herding, while everyone has fun along the way. Each team advances at its own pace with support and coaching to keep the teams motivated. It's exciting to see how quickly the dogs improve as they keep playing the game. We add other creative challenges with the balls, keeping the dogs challenged and motivated.

Jump Start Program


Open to any Team who prefers individual instruction in this sport.

In lieu of regular group (7 weeks) classes, this option offers great flexibilty with scheduling, progressing, or special needs for either dog or handler.

In four one-hour blocks of individual instruction, teams can progress as quickly or quicker than group classes. With evaluation at the end of the four meetings, most teams are prepared to enter group classes, or you may choose to continue in the Jump Start Program. Observe what serves your TEAM best in going forward and what BEST serves your needs!


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