Ready, Set......PUSH!!

What is flyball you ask? The ultimate dog relay game!

A 4 dog team - in turn, each dog clears 4 jumps - uses a box for turning around on, which also releases a ball. The dog then returns back over the 4 jumps with the ball to YOU (the handler)! It's the best game to build the best recall a dog can have. This sport is social, fun, exciting, & builds the best recall in dogs for any situation!

Flyball is an off leash sport right from the very beginning

Flyball Classes

Flyball I: Welcome to Flyball!

Flyball I: Welcome to Flyball

This is our Intro/beginner flyball class. Students  repeat this class for multiple sessions until the instructor feels they have learned the necessary skills to join the more advanced Class, Flyball: Let's Play!

Each Handler/Dog TEAM learn FLYBALL together at their own pace. This is an ongoing foundation/skill building class. Playing simple games shaping the skills, and moving toward playing the basic game. These skills include, getting dog to come to handler over the small hurdles of the flyball lane, restrained recall, ball drive, determining right or left handedness for each dog, dead ball retrieves, holding onto a ball while running over a hurdle and rejoining the handler at the end of the run with the same fun as the rest of game!,. It adds to the fun & social setting, made possible by the instructor and her expert experience with this game. Come be part of the fun!

Flyball II: Lets Play

Flyball II: Lets Play!

With the basic elements of the game in place, this more advanced class plays the game while adding more refined skills for the game like precise box turns for making more accurate turning and grabbing the ball and getting back over the hurdles. The dogs in class also get broken into teams with line ups. Passing skills for efficient timing and collecting of the dogs are also ongoing skills worked on in classes. Always practicing the accuracy and safety of the game adds to the life of the game for you and your dog!

PREREQUISITE: Completed learning the skills taught in Welcome to Flyball and permission from the Instructor.

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