Classes lay a foundation for learning through fun & discovery what the equipment is, how it is safety used, while using all positive motivational techniques. Dogs will be on leash, moving toward a dropped leash, then off leash goal with the dog/pup happily & reliably following their handler. With repetition and Fun we slowly add greater challenges using the differing pieces of equipment in ways which build confidence and understanding in both the handler and the dog/pup together as a unit/team.

Teams can expect to be doing over the 7 weeks:

  • Short agility course sequences with jump standards (winged and non winged)with bars on the ground, tables, tires, tunnels, low A-frame, and narrow low planks
  • Body awareness skills for both dogs and handlers - dogs pivot on a block/step thru spaces in a ladder - handlers do side changes & being ever aware of their team mate's location
  • In the final weeks of the class, some jumping exercises are introduced - once jump bars are up the leashes come off! The first test of dog's commitment to their Team Mate!



  • While there is NO formal prerequisite, it is HELPFUL if your dog already has started learning basic manners concepts; including sit, down, loose leash behavior & wait until released, but this is NOT an absolute requirement!



  • LOTS of small(pea sized), soft TREATS! - Preferably Light in color: easy to see on the dark floor! Mozzarella Cheese sticks work well for MOST dogs!
  • Flat Buckle Collar, Plain Martingale Collar, or Plain Harness - PLEASE no choker style, prong/pinch collars, or head halters
  • 4-6 ft leash with nothing hanging on it
  • You -- with LOTS of Smiles, Patience, AND Praise --- Think FUN, Discovery, and Exploration for both you and your pup <3


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