PUPPY SOCIALS              

Bring your pup and join us for a Puppy Social. A great opportunity to begin socializing your new puppy while you wait for a new class to begin or in addition to the classes you are already involved in. Puppy socials are pay-as-you go. For your convenience we offer the opportunity to register in advance or you can drop-in and pay at the social.

Puppy Basics Classes

Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Training a new family member is made fun for both human and pup. Plenty of socializing and learning which behaviors are acceptable and when it's time to take a break. Puppies and people learn how to build a strong bond of trust while the pup learns what gets him praise and affection, and how to live acceptably in a world where his calm behavior is the key to freedom. Lots of games are played, toys are used, and the pups are challenged in all sorts of fun ways!

Using fun games to help you better understand what your dog is trying to tell you, as well as going over some basic principles on how to raise a good companion and willing partner in whatever you and your K9 companion decide to do.


Calling All Puppies


Calling All Puppies (Up to 5 mo.)

The earlier a Puppy begins familiarizing with the sights, sounds, and activities of the human world, the easier it is to work with throughout its lifetime. More puppies lose their homes to shelters and rescues before reaching their first birthdays, mostly because their training and socialization was either not started early, or not extensive enough. Our puppy class is fun, relaxed, and progressive. We set you and your puppy up for success together right from the start! Incorporating new sights, sounds, movements, people, and situations into your puppy’s log of experience puts you and your pup on the road for a long and happy life together. This class is terrific even if you’ve attended a puppy class somewhere else. This instructor has a wealth of knowledge and experience with dogs and training in many areas, and applications!

Adolescent Puppies


Adolescent Puppies (5mo. to 1yr.)

Puppies 6 months to a year old can become a handful during this time! The pup you worked so well to socialize with the world and happily follow your lead suddenly seems to have forgotten EVERYTHING! And if you haven’t had the chance to get started earlier, NOW IS the time to start! This class gets you thru the phases of normal puppy development where the youngster starts testing his environment, looking for independence, asserting him/ herself, or perhaps becoming fearful and suspicious of people, places, objects, or situations that once seemed comfortable. Often we blame ourselves, becoming embarrassed, feeling like WE as handlers have done something completely wrong. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE! You and your ‘adolescent’ pup will learn the skills to handle these phases and come out the other side with a young dog ready to be your well-adjusted, reliable companion and teammate for many years!

Dog & Puppy Manners


Dog & Puppy Manners

Focusing on important foundation behaviors, the Dog & Puppy Manners classes helps owners and their dogs achieve success through structured activities and positive dog training methods. Trainers also help owners understand how to use the basic commands at home to turn that unruly bundle of joy into a well-behaved family pet.

Great for dogs of all ages whether they are long-term pets, newly rescued, or somewhere in between. During these enjoyable classes with your canine friend, utilizing positive training, we will show you how to inspire your dog to want to listen and be polite both in your home and out.

Lessons include foundation behaviors such as getting attention, sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, leave it, and more. Even dogs who already have a good grasp of these commands can benefit from the socialization and added distractions of class.

But these classes aren’t only about "commands". You’ll find out how dogs think as well as how we influence our dogs’ behaviors without realizing it (sending mixed messages). You’ll have fun learning the importance of tone of voice and enthusiasm in providing clear communication and gain a new appreciation for your dog.

Whether you're just looking for a well-behaved pet, need to teach an old dog new tricks, or want to move on to Canine Good Citizen or therapy work, basic dog obedience is the start.

Using fun games to help you better understand what your dog is trying to tell you, as well as going over some basic principles on how to raise a good companion and willing partner in whatever you and your k9 companion decide to do.

Listed Below are currently running & upcoming classes
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Event Event Date Individual Price Capacity Register
Calling All Puppies (Up to 5 mo.): Sa 2/17/18 02-17-2018 10:00 am $160.00 8
Dog & Puppy Manners: Sa 2/17/18 02-17-2018 8:45 am $160.00 6
Puppy Training: We 2/7/18 02-07-2018 7:30 pm $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Daytime We 2/7/18 02-07-2018 10:15 am $160.00 7
Puppy Bowl Games 2/4/18: 5 to 12 mo 02-04-2018 2:30 pm $25.00 10
Puppy Bowl Games 2/4/18: up to 5mo old 02-04-2018 1:00 pm $25.00 10
Puppy Training: Fr 1/19/18 01-19-2018 6:00 pm $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Mo 1/15/18 01-15-2018 8:30 pm $160.00 6
Calling All Puppies (Up to 5 mo.): Mo 1/15/18 01-15-2018 7:15 pm $160.00 8
Adolescent Pups (5mo. to 1yr.): Mo 1/15/18 01-08-2018 6:00 pm $160.00 6
Dog & Puppy Manners: Daytime We 12/13/17 12-13-2017 10:15 am $160.00 7
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
Calling All Puppies (Up to 5 mo.): Sa 12/9/17 12-09-2017 10:00 am $160.00 8
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
Dog & Puppy Manners: Sa 12/9/17 12-09-2017 8:45 am $160.00 6
We are no longer accepting registration for this event