Puppy Social (Ages 10 weeks to 5 months) - Monday from 6:00-7:00 PM

Adolescent Puppy Social (Ages 5 months to 12 months) - Monday from 7:00-8:00 PM

Price: $20.00


Puppy Socials are drop-in events - NO ADVANCED REGISTRATION


Puppy Social Hour FAQ


Puppy Social Hour Frequently Asked Questions


What happens at a puppy social?

Puppies are allowed to play and romp around the ring off-leash giving them the chance to meet other puppies of different sizes, breeds, and personalities.  At times, toys or small low impact equipment is brought onto the floor for additional stimulation and fun.  A professional, knowledgeable dog trainer will be on site to referee the play and put anyone in time-out should they get a little out of hand. The instructor will also be available to answer your questions about puppy behavior, socialization, and training.  

If one group of pups is more rambunctious than the rest and their rough play is intimidating the others, the instructor will divide the group in half.  At various times, the instructor may call a halt to play, so that owners can collect their puppies and work on calming them down and regaining their focus. This is the first step in training your puppy to control his emotions and focus on you no matter what exciting distraction is nearby.

While puppy socialization also gives the puppies a chance to meet other people, it is polite to ask the other puppy parents before introducing yourself to their puppy or giving them any treats.  Some puppies are coming to puppy social because they are shy or have a fear of people, while others may have a strict diet due to allergies or other health problem. Simply ask their owner before approaching them.

*** The instructor reserves the right to put any puppy who is getting carried away or acting inappropriately into time-out and/or dismiss him from Puppy Social Hour.

Who Can Come?

Puppies of all ages and breeds who have at minimum their first two rounds of vaccinations. You do not need to have taken any other class at K9JYM, though we encourage you to take one of our Puppy Classes as part of a well-rounded plan to raise a well-adjusted, behaved adult.

  • Calling All Puppies Social Hour    -  Pups up to 5 mos. of age
  • Adolescent Puppy Social Hour  -  Pups 5 mos. to 12 mos. of age

How Do I sign up?

No sign-up required! Just show up at the appropriate time.  Payment is due then and is given to the instructor.  This is a revolving class, meaning there is no start-date or session like our regular classes.

Which puppy social should I attend?

Unless otherwise directed by the instructor,  you should attend the social for your puppy's age group.

Occasionally, toy-size puppies or those who are very shy are allowed to attend the Young Puppy Social for longer periods, as it tends to be a less rambunctious group.   If you have concerns or are still unsure, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or speak to the instructor the day you come.

how many puppies will be there?

10 pups per hour for the safety of the group.  But because there is no sign-up, we cannot always predict how many puppies will show up. On average there are 2-5 puppies at any social hour.


  • Your puppy on a 6-foot leash and buckle collar or harness
  • Proof of vaccinations (minimum first 2 rounds)
  • A water bowl for you puppy.  For health concerns, K9JYM no longer offers community water bowls.

What if My Puppy Has an Accident?

Don't worry - it happens!  Just please clean up the mess.  It's actually a good idea to take your puppy out at least once in the first 15-20 minutes to give your puppy another chance to potty.  Excited puppies have a tendency to forget they need to go until it's too late. There are mop buckets, paper towels, and poop bags available.  Please take any soiled items, included filled poop-bags OUTSIDE. There are trash-cans outside every door.

days & times

  • Young Puppy Social - Monday from 6:00-7:00 PM
  • Adolescent Puppy Social - Monday from 7:00-8:00 PM

Price: $20.00

Inclement Weather Cancellations

In the event classes are canceled due to bad weather or other emergencies, a notice will be posted on our Home Page as well as on Facebook. Since Puppy Socials are drop-in events, please remember to check those sites for cancellations.

Puppy Social Hour Rules

Puppy Social Hour Rules

  • Please walk your puppy before entering the building, even if he just went at home.   You can use the bushes by the front door or the wood-chipped potty area at the other end of the building. Please do NOT use the grassy area up by Dog Town, as that is where they potty the boarding dogs.
  • If you get in the habit of giving him the opportunity to go every time before he enters the building,and saying a phrase like "Busy, Busy" until he goes, your puppy will begin to learn the routine. He'll start to empty his bladder whenever he hears the phrase because he knows you are about to go do something where there won't be a place to go potty. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PUPPY!!!  Accident's happen -- especially when they're young.  But it is YOUR responsibility to clean up after your puppy. We have mop-buckets, paper-towels, and poop-bags available for you to clean up after you puppy.  All soiled materials should be thrown away in an OUTSIDE TRASH CAN PLEASE to prevent smelling up the building!
  • Enter & exit the building ON LEASH PLEASE!!!  Keep your puppy on leash in the parking lot.
  • While in the hallways before and after class, it is VERY IMPORTANT to KEEP YOUR SPACE from other dogs.  K9JYM offers classes to all dogs of various temperaments and not every dog is friendly. For you puppy's safety, PLEASE do not let him go up to another dog without first asking the owner.  If you have a very small puppy, it may be a good idea to carry him in and out of the building.
  • While puppy social hour is designed to offer puppies a chance to be introduced to different dogs and people, it is considered polite to ask the other puppy parents before introducing yourself to their puppy.   Some puppies are coming to puppy social hour because they are already shy or fearful, and they may not yet be ready for a direct introduction or the owner may have special directions for the best way to introduce yourself.  Please be respectful of their wishes and wish them luck.  Helping puppies like this is hard work and can be discouraging if people take offense when they are only doing what's best for their puppy.
  • ALWAYS ask before giving food to anyone else's puppy.  Some puppies are on strict diets or have allergies to certain kinds of food.


 No sign-up required.  Just show up with proof of vaccinations and your puppy!

This is a revolving class - there is no regular start date. You may join at any time.

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