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Go Beyond the Basics with Tricks, Focus, and More

classes workshopsIf a Well-Trained Dog is a Happy Dog, then we as owners should strive to make learning a life-long activity for our dogs. The following classes are perfect for those who have The Basics under their belt and are looking for additional activities to do with their dogs. These classes go beyond the basics, promising to be fun and enriching for both owner and dog alike, with classes like Clicks 4 Tricks, Building Focus Thru Fun & Games, Taking it On the Road: Obedience in the Great Outdoors, Canine Good Citizen Testing, and so much more.

Please be aware: many of the classes in this section rotate and are not always available.

More Fun 4 Fido Classes

Building Focus

Building Focus Thru Fun & Games


Instructor: Deb Lipartito

Build focus, impulse control, and motivation in your dog to develop a reliable teammate while having fun. This class will build upon your previous foundation work as you learn to work amidst distractions. This is a great class whether your goal is to participate in canine sports and other activities or just to develop a better bond with your canine companion. The games and exercises will improve your dog's reliability for working off leash, which is needed for sports like agility, obedience, rally, flyball, etc.

Your dog will get used to learning, working, and having fun in a more exciting environment amidst the distractions of other dogs, people, obstacles, and toys. This is essential before going on to participate in activities that require off leash control as well as for increasing your dog's enjoyment of everyday life.

This 7-week class is limited to 8 dogs who are 6-months of age or older who already have basic obedience skills and are social and dog-friendly.

This class is for social, dog-friendly dogs only

* We recommend those owners with reactive dogs check out our Creating Calm series, a group class designed for reactive dogs. We also offer private behavior consults and other behavior services. Contact our office for more information.

Clicks 4 Tricks

Click 4 Tricks


Instructor: Deb Lipartito

Want to have fun with your dog? Increase your bond? Work towards a Trick Dog Title? And who can't benefit from having a dog that stays mentally and physically busy and satisfied?

Teaching tricks is a great way to enhance your relationship with and have fun with your dog. Tricks training allows you to relax and laugh while working with your dog. Learning tricks provides very good mental exercise for your dog and also helps enhance your dog's learning ability. The more a dog learns, the easier it is for him to learn more. Some tricks are also helpful for other activities – Canine Freestyle, Rally Obedience, Agility, etc. Others are helpful around the house (close the door, put away your toys, etc.). In addition, fun tricks can help boost the confidence of shy dogs since the more a dog accomplishes, the more assurance he gains.

In addition, you will be on your way towards achieving a Trick Dog Title if you wish to pursue that. Title details and the list of tricks required for each Title level will be discussed in class.

Concepts of clicker training, luring, shaping, capturing and chaining behaviors will all be covered. For those who have already been introduced to these concepts, this is a great class to work on your timing and working out more complex behavior chains. There will be a variety of easy and more difficult tricks to choose from and our instructor can also help you

This 7-week class is limited to 8 dogs who are 6-months of age or older who already have basic obedience skills.

Confidence Building

Confidence Building ~ ALL NEW CLASS!

sizzle on pillow

Instructor: Deb Lipartito

This class is great for shy, cautious or fearful dogs or puppies. The various exercises and obstacles learned will help build confidence and judgment in your dogs as they achieve success in various new tasks. Dogs and puppies will be encouraged to think and learn rather than to panic. Some exercises will give the dogs jobs to do to improve focus and concentration. They will learn to trust you more as they learn new things with you and gain self-assurance through physical and mental exercises and exposure to novel things.

There is no right or wrong and no pressure to perform any task that is too overwhelming for any particular dog. Just force-free learning.

This 7-week class is limited to 6 dogs who are 6-months of age or older who already have basic obedience skills.

Fetch, Fido!

Fetch, Fido! ~ ALL NEW CLASS!

Instructor: Rebecca Fouts

Have you always wanted to teach your Fido to Fetch? Using positive methods and a variety of games, Fetch Fido will teach students how to train their Fido both the PLAY RETRIEVE and WORKING (DIRECTED) RETRIEVE.

While the play retrieve is – well play – it's so much more! Students will learn how the PLAY RETRIEVE can be used to develop better engagement, adding a powerful motivator and reward to your training box.

A working directed retrieve is more like a job; the handler directs the dog to retrieve a particular item that he wants. Examples may include: the dumbbell or utility glove exercise in competition obedience, picking up dropped items, retrieving his leash or bowl for dinner, helping you collect the dirty laundry and placing them in the basket (or even the washing machine!), answering the phone (and bringing it to you) or carrying a note to someone.

While more formal in nature, learning the foundations of the WORKING RETRIEVE will still be kept positive and fun as the dogs learn to retrieve both tossed and stationary items, even to carry items from person to person. Handlers will learn the three ways to direct their dog to retrieve the item they want, whether it's in a row or in a pile, on the floor, shelf or table. Even regardless of what that item may be, including items of different textures, shapes, sizes, and materials.

This class lays the perfect foundation, whether preparing your dog for the dumbbell and glove exercises in the obedience ring, developing a reward more powerful than any cookie for your sports dog, training a service dog for the disabled, or just training a cool, useful trick to your pet.Be sure to see full class description and class equipment HERE.

This 7-week class is limited to 6 dogs of any age.

K9 Brain Games

K9 Brain Games ~ ALL NEW CLASS!


Open to all dogs of all ages

This class is designed to stimulate your dogs' brain with more than just a walk. We will explore different way to teach your dog how to use their brain in ways that you may otherwise have over looked. Aside from teaching you and your dog some basic and fun games to get their mind going, we will also be discussing ways for you to stimulate them at home.

Playtime with K9's

Playtime with K9s ~ ALL NEW CLASS!


Open to dogs 6 months and older

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog how to jump through hoops or ride a skateboard? In this class we will do just that, and more!! This class is a great way to just have fun with your dog but in a controlled atmosphere where any questions can be answered and problems can be worked through. So come and have some fun with your best-k9-friend!!

Below is list of currently running and upcoming classes.

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Clicker Training Workshop: We 4/26/17 04-26-2017 7:30 pm $65.00 8
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