Specialty Classes

This area features classes that focus on targeted needs for our dogs. For example, Paunchy Pooch helps you get your dog back in shape. Creating Calm teaches handlers how to recognize the earliest signals our dogs show when their anxiety goes beyond their ability for self-control. The class gives handlers the tools to create calmer patterns of behavior.

CGC/Therapy Dog Prep - NEW!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)/Therapy Dog Prep Class

Instructor: Deb Lipartito

Our Canine Good Citizen (CGC)/Therapy Dog Prep class will help you down the path toward earning your American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen title and your Comfort Caring Canines Therapy Dogs Incorporated Certification, as we work through training exercises based on the test items. The CGC is a certification program that is designed to reward dogs that have good manners at home and in the community. Passing the CGC test is an excellent first step for anyone considering therapy work with their canine companion.  The class will focus on the components of these tests including loose leash walking, remaining calm while approaching people and other dogs, sit stay for petting and handling, come when called, and supervised separation.  Some exercises are designed to familiarize dogs and their owners with behaviors and requirements needed to become a certified Therapy Dog with Comfort Caring Canines.


Creating Calm

Creating Calm for the Feisty Fido

Instructor: Debb Kirschner

When your dog loses the ability to calm and control himself, he becomes difficult to handle. Such dogs are often labeled 'REACTIVE'.

For those dogs we offer this series of one-on-one training sessions. Creating Calm for the Fiesty Fido is patterned after the book, Control Unleashed, by Leslie McDevitt. Exercises and games teach handlers how to recognize the earliest signals our dogs show when their anxiety goes beyond their ability for self-control. The class gives handlers the 'tools' to create new calmer patterns of behavior, allowing your dog to build and learn self control, while focusing on you for support and direction.

An awesome series - great for dogs adopted thru rescue or shelters where they may have learned more stress behaviors than calming ones.

This series is NOT for Aggressive Dogs!

Contact Debb at 215-822-8840 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to regsiter.

Paunchy Pooch

Paunchy Pooch


Fetch, Fido! - NEW!

Fetch, Fido! ~ ALL NEW CLASS!

Instructor: Rebecca Fouts

Have you always wanted to teach your Fido to Fetch? Using positive methods and a variety of games, Fetch Fido will teach students how to train their Fido both the PLAY RETRIEVE and WORKING (DIRECTED) RETRIEVE.

While the play retrieve is – well play – it’s so much more! Students will learn how the PLAY RETRIEVE can be used to develop better engagement, adding a powerful motivator and reward to your training box.

A working directed retrieve is more like a job; the handler directs the dog to retrieve a particular item that he wants. Examples may include: the dumbbell or utility glove exercise in competition obedience, picking up dropped items, retrieving his leash or bowl for dinner, helping you collect the dirty laundry and placing them in the basket (or even the washing machine!), answering the phone (and bringing it to you) or carrying a note to someone.

While more formal in nature, learning the foundations of the WORKING RETRIEVE will still be kept positive and fun as the dogs learn to retrieve both tossed and stationary items, even to carry items from person to person. Handlers will learn the three ways to direct their dog to retrieve the item they want, whether it’s in a row or in a pile, on the floor, shelf or table. Even regardless of what that item may be, including items of different textures, shapes, sizes, and materials.

This class lays the perfect foundation, whether preparing your dog for the dumbbell and glove exercises in the obedience ring, developing a reward more powerful than any cookie for your sports dog, training a service dog for the disabled, or just training a cool, useful trick to your pet.Be sure to see full class description and class equipment HERE.

This 7-week class is limited to 6 dogs of any age. 

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