20140511 163410Start, Forward, Sit-Stay, Walk Around Your Dog, Fast, Left 90, Finish!

Rally is a sport in which dog and handler walk a numbered course with various manuevers for you and your dog to perform at each numbered spot. Tasks range from easier to more advanced as your dog learns the sport (ex: sit, stay, come front, 90-degree right turn). Rally encourages lots of positive interaction and praise for your dog, while also building useful obedience skills.

Rally Classes

Intro to Rally

Intro to RallyRally sit-down

Instructor: Suzi Hicks

A fun, thinking sport for any age dog and handler! Rally encourages lots of positive interaction and praise for your dog while the two of you negotiate course layouts. The numbered course includes a variety of obedience skills like a 360 degree turn, a walking down, weaving around cones, sit, come front, and so forth. The two of you will learn quickly while building useful obedience skills in this no-impact sport that is all done in a fun, social atmosphere! A recommended class for teaching obedience in a format that avoids the drilling of standard obedience classes. As a sport it also adds the option as a competitive outlet with titles and recognition!

This 7-week class is limited to 8 dogs.

PREREQUISITES:  Your dog should be able to sit, down, come, stay, and walk on a loose leash.

Intermediate Rally

Intermediate Rally

Instructor: Susan Hicks

This class is designed for those who have completed Rally I: Welcome to Rally or teams that are already competing. You will continue to finesse your obedience and off-leash skills.

PREREQUISITE:  Rally for Beginners - OR - Instructor Approval

Jump Start Program


Open to any Team who prefers individual instruction in this sport.

In lieu of regular group (7 weeks) classes, this option offers great flexibilty with scheduling, progressing, or special needs for either dog or handler.

In four one-hour blocks of individual instruction, teams can progress as quickly or quicker than group classes. With evaluation at the end of the four meetings, most teams are prepared to enter group classes, or you may choose to continue in the Jump Start Program. Observe what serves your TEAM best in going forward and what BEST serves your needs!


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Event Event Start Date Individual Price Capacity Register
Jump Start Rally: 4 private 1hr lessons - Program tailored to your schedule! 12-01-2018 $220.00 100
Intermediate Rally: We 7/18/18 07-18-2018 8:00 pm $170.00 8
Intro to Rally: We 7/18/18 07-18-2018 6:30 pm $160.00 8
Rally: All Levels - Daytime: Mo 6/4/18 06-04-2018 12:00 pm $160.00 8
Intermediate Rally: We 5/16/18 05-16-2018 8:00 pm $170.00 8
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
Intro to Rally: We 5/16/18 05-16-2018 6:30 pm $160.00 8
We are no longer accepting registration for this event