Agility Open Jym Time Come and play agility with us!

Open Jym Time at K9JYM is a great opportunity to train and practice in our large, climate-controlled indoor facility.  Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and dry when it rains; your training schedule can continue all year round.  This is open practice--no instruction is provided.  A relaxed, friendly atmosphere, everyone is supportive and just as dog crazy as you are.  A different course will be offered each week to challenge novice through advanced handlers and dogs.  Run the course or work on just the section or equipment you need more work on--it's up to you.

No need to sign-up or call-ahead - just come on in. 

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See our current Open Jym schedule at the bottom of the page


Agility Open Jym Rates


weaves-2x2 001

AGILITY Open Jym Rates

  1 DOG 2 DOGS (same owner)


Save 10% by purchasing an Open Jym Punch Card!

Agility Open Jym Rules

Agility Open JYM Rules
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  • Everyone takes a turn running and helps reset the course. This is a relaxed, fun atmosphere where everyone helps each other out.
  • Crates are provided, or bring your own. NO EX-PENS PLEASE!
  • Dogs must be crated when not running.
  • Agility Open Jym Time is open to K9JYM Students and Non-Students; whether you are preparing for an upcoming trial or just looking for a fun way to get your dog some exercise - everyone is welcome!
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after their own dog.  Toilet areas are provided outside and cleaning materials are available for messes.
  • From time to time, we will also offer jumpers courses and some of the agility games, like Snooker, Snakes & Ladders, and Gamblers courses.

PREREQUISITE: For everyone's safety, handlers and dogs must be able to demonstrate that they have at least a foundational introduction to the equipment. For safety's sake we request that those new to the sport take our Intro to Agility class first before attending Open Jym.

Equipment Requests

Agility Open JYM Equipment Requeststea-cup-red

Have a course you'd like us to try? Or a piece of equipment you really need to work on? 

Come to Saturday's Open Jym early with your request and we'll do our best to accommodate you.  We will also try to work with your equipment requests during the week, but are often restricted by what's been set for classes that day. Also, please remember our ring size.  When Agility Open Jym is in A/B - ring size is 50x90. When it's in the new expanded D/E ring - ring size will roughly be 90x100.

Teacup Agility Equipment

K9JYM has a selection of TDAA tea-cup dog agility equipment available for teams to use during Ring and Facility Rentals and Agility Open Jym Time, including tunnels, dog-walk, and weaves.

When space is available, we'd be happy to get it out for our tea-cup sized teams to practice on. Please arrive early to make your requests.