Obedience & Rally Open Jym Time - Sit, Down, Stay - Come and Play with us at Open Jym!

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Obedience Open Jym Time is an open practice time.  No instruction is provided, but a qualified instructor is available should you need a little help.   Whether preparing for your next trial, or just trying to get down the basics, Obedience Open Jym provides a relaxed, casual environment with like-minded, friendly people who are just as dog-crazy as you are. It's a great way to work with your dog around new distractions, people, and dogs.

Multiple dogs and handlers are often working on the floor at any given time (unlike our Agility Open Jym time where only one dog runs at a time).  Teams are permitted to work off-leash, but are expected to maintain safety and keep control of their dogs at all times.  Not every dog may appreciate or tolerate another dog bounding into his space.  A reliable recall is a must if you plan to take him off leash.  It is your responsibility to know your dog and under what conditions you can maintain control. Do not put him in a situation he's not ready for.

General Obedience: Participants generally set up the obedience equipment they want to work on during each session. Our specially engineered matted floors provide cushion for jumping exercises, protecting joints and bones. Mirrors on the wall help you see what your dog is doing. 

Rally Obedience: Offered once a month, with a course pre-set by K9JYM staff to provide you with new opportunities to practice your Rally skills. A progressive Rally course will be provided.  Dogs should be crated when not working on the course.  Rally folks are also welcome to go over to the Obedience Ring to work there off-course and on the flat.

No need to sign-up or call-ahead - just come on in. 

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Obedience & Rally Rates

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Obedience & RALLY Open Jym Rates

  1 DOG 2 DOGS (same owner)
 K9JYM STUDENTS  $10 $15


Save 10% by purchasing an Open Jym Punch Card!

Obedience Open Jym Rules

Obedience Open Jym Rules

  • Obedience Open Jym Time open to anyone looking for the opportunity to work with their dog around other dogs and distractions.
    Whether you are preparing for an upcoming competition obedience or rally trial or are a regular pet owner working on the basics of sit, down, come, and heel, you are welcome. This includes K9JYM students and non-students.
  • Unlike Agility Open Jym Time where one dog runs at a time, there may be multiple dogs working on the floor at any time.
    Everyone shares the space and equipment and works around each other.  For example, one person may be working on go-outs with directed jumping; two more may be working on stationary exercises or heeling along the sides; another may be working on the broad jump or articles on the other side of the gates. Often those attending will work on group-stays together.
  • Because everyone is working around each other, it is important that everyone share the equipment and space equally.
    Please don't be an equipment hog.
  • Be courteous. If someone is working on directed jumping and you'd like to work with the jumps next, politely say so. "I'd like to work with the jumps next when you're done, please." Then work on something else while you are waiting, so the person does not feel pressured to finish quickly by you hovering nearby. If you get equipment out, it is considered polite to ask if anyone else would like to use it, and if not, please put it away where you found it.
  • Everyone helps with setting-up and/or moving equipment and gates.
    This is a relaxed, fun atmosphere where everyone helps each other out.
  • Dogs should be crated or tethered when not being worked.
    Crates are provided, or bring your own. NO EX-PENS PLEASE!
  • Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after their own dog.
    Toilet areas are provided outside and cleaning materials are available for messes.


There may be times when multiple dogs are working off-leash around each other. You know your dog best and what he's ready for. It is essential that everyone has control of their dog and works safely around each other.*

  • Keep in mind that not all dogs are dog-friendly or appreciate it when other dogs run up into their space.
  • Keep control of your dog, and keep yourself and your dog safe at all times.
  • Only work off-leash if you have a solid, reliable recall and can control your dog.
    If you are not sure if your dog is ready, then we recommend the use of a long-line, flexi, or asking to have the floor for a few moments while you work on your off-leash exercises without the other dogs in the ring.
  • Handlers are responsible for their dog's behavior at all times.  Do your best to keep your dog under control at all times.
    If a handler is working off-leash and repeatedly allows their dog to run up to other dogs invading their space, or is otherwise deemed to be out-of-control, they may be asked to put their dog back on leash. If it continually happens, the handler may be suspended from using Open Jym until they prove they can do so safely.

*Dogs working off-leash must be able to do so safely. Dogs who repeatedly are allowed to invade the space of other dogs will be asked to put their dog back on leash or asked to leave.

Equipment Requests

OBEDIENCE Open JYM Equipment 

  • Participants should feel free to move the equipment and gates to suit their needs.
  • Set-up usually includes ring-gates (set-up for go-outs), high- and bar-jump for directed jumping, broad jump, and space for working on other exercises.
  • Mirrors are on the wall for those needing a better view of what their dog is up to.
  • Our matted floors are especially engineered for canine sports, protecting your canine athlete's joints and bones.
  • Feel free to bring any additional equipment that you use, like guide-sticks, platforms, etc.